Why UnitedHealthcare works for you and your employees

With UnitedHealthcare, you'll experience the power of partnership — and see how it makes a difference at every step. You'll see it in the way it's easier to find group health insurance plans designed for savings and quality, helping you reach your business goals and helping your employees live healthier.

Bringing cost control and quality together

You’ll find that by focusing on offering better value, better health and a better experience, UnitedHealthcare’s large and small business plans bring together the benefits that matter to your business and your employees. 

  • Flexible, lower cost, quality group insurance plans and strategies, giving you more options that balance budget sense with employee needs.
  • More choice, with access to broader, quality networks, including plan designs that offer multiple network options to help manage cost.  
  • Powerful data, insights and innovation, to help build a more focused, strategic approach for achieving healthier results at a lower cost.

It’s a powerful difference you’ll see every step of the way. 

Improving your bottom line

Controlling costs is vital to your business — and your employees too. UnitedHealthcare’s selection of small business health insurance plans offer you flexible ways to save, while our wide-reaching contracted networks deliver improved accountability and health management standards of practice.

Employees get the benefit of our innovative, easy-to-use tools that help them manage their health plan dollars better — and help them take charge of their health.

Simplifying your health plan experience

With UnitedHealthcare, your business can count on easier administration. Full service and support are on your side, so you can focus on the things that are important to you — like running your business.

Smart tools and programs, like myuhc.com® and the UnitedHealthcare® app, help actively engage employees, giving them 24/7 access to health plan information and making it simpler to compare cost and quality to help make informed decisions.

Helping you achieve healthier

UnitedHealthcare’s innovative tools make it easier to manage and maximize your benefit package to support healthier living and increase productivity for you and your employees.

With services like online doctor visits and Care24®, employees get more options for taking care of their health. Easy-to-use, innovative wellness programs, like UnitedHealthcare Motion®, Rally®, and Real Appeal, help inspire healthier choices that may impact overall employee health.

Exceptional value for widely used features

Choose from competitively priced plans that offer no to low out-of-pocket costs on valuable features.1

$0 - $15 primary care provider (PCP) visits

Less than $50 online doctor visits1

$0 - $25 urgent care visits

Experience the difference that comes from working with UnitedHealthcare

With decades of expertise and an ever-present focus on partnering with you hand in hand, we’re here to help you achieve your business goals and support your employees. It’s all part of our mission — to help people live healthier lives and help make the health system work better for everyone.


  1. The Designated Virtual Visit Provider’s reduced rate for a virtual visit is subject to change at any time.