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Enrollment is now open through Jan. 15, 2022

Looking for health care plans on the Marketplace? UnitedHealthcare Individual and Family Marketplace plans offer affordable, reliable coverage options for you and your family. As part of the American Rescue Plan Act (2021), many individuals and families are now eligible for lower — or in some cases $0 — monthly premiums for Marketplace health coverage.

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Plans on the health care Marketplace are categorized based on how you and your plan split the cost of your health care. They go by Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum — known as the “metal” categories. For 2022, UnitedHealthcare is offering plan options in the Bronze, Silver and Gold metal levels.

Find plans with $0 virtual care,1, 2 prescriptions as low as $3,1, 3 digital fitness classes at no additional cost,4 and more.

You can also call 1-844-joinUHC to learn more about your options. 

Health care Marketplace (ACA) FAQs

Want to learn more about Marketplace plans? Let’s take a closer look at some questions you may have as you’re choosing a plan. 

What are Marketplace (ACA) health insurance plans?

The health care Marketplace (also called the Exchange), is where Affordable Care Act (ACA) health care plans are sold. You may also hear names like ObamaCare, BidenCare and Individual and Family Plans. These are all health care plans that people can buy on their own, rather than through an employer or another government-run program, like Medicare or Medicaid.

How can I save money on the health care Marketplace?

Under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA), you may be able to enroll in Marketplace coverage with lower premiums and see if you qualify for financial help. This financial help, or subsidies, could be tax credits or cost-sharing reductions to help pay for your health care costs.

See if you qualify for financial help at UHCExchange.com or by calling 1-844-joinUHC.

Can I be covered with pre-existing conditions?

A pre-existing condition is a health problem you had before your health plan starts. Under current law, companies who offer Marketplace health plans that meet minimum essential coverage requirements can’t refuse to cover you or charge you more because of a pre-existing condition. 

What are qualifying life events?

A qualifying life event is a life-changing situation — like turning 26, moving to a new state or having a baby — that can impact you and your health insurance. If you have a qualifying life event, you may be able to buy a new health plan during a Special Enrollment Period. Learn more about qualifying life events.

Need help finding a plan?

Answer a few questions to see which insurance options may be available for you.

Looking for ACA tax forms?

If you already have an ACA plan, there are 3 types of forms you may need to file your taxes. 

  • Form 1095-A is the Health Insurance Marketplace Statement. You'll receive this form if you enrolled in coverage through the Marketplace.
  • Form 1095-B is a form you may receive from your health insurance company. Sign in to your health plan member account to find this form.
  • Form 1095-C is a form you may receive from your employer if get your health plan through work. 

Learn more about ACA tax forms from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).


  1. Some plans may require copayments, deductibles and/or coinsurance for these benefits. Plans in metal tiers vary and are subject to plan deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance. This policy has exclusions, limitations, reduction of benefits, and terms under which the policy may be continued in force or discontinued. For costs and complete details of the coverage, review your plan documents, call or write your insurance agent or the company, whichever is applicable. By responding to this offer, you agree that a representative may contact you.
  2. Virtual visits conducted by telephone or video chat with a doctor are not an insurance product, health care provider or a health plan. Unless otherwise required, benefits are available only when services are delivered through a Designated Virtual Network Provider. Virtual visits are not intended to address emergency or life-threatening medical conditions and should not be used in those circumstances. Services may not be available at all times, or in all locations, or for all members. Check your benefit plan to determine if these services are available. The Designated Virtual Visit Provider's reduced rate for a virtual visit is subject to change at any time. Virtual primary care visits are unavailable for members under the age of 18. Note: In Oklahoma and Washington, virtual urgent care is available; virtual primary care is not available.
  3. Discount valid until 12/31/22. Discount valid only for in-store purchases of eligible Walgreens brand health and wellness products by current members eligible for the UnitedHealthcare discount program. Discount cannot be used online. Walgreens can discontinue program at their discretion. Walgreens brand health and wellness products include the following categories: acne, allergy, blood pressure and diagnostics, children’s medications, cough/cold relief, dental, diabetes, diet aids and supplements, digestive health and nausea, ear care, elastic wraps and braces, eye care, family planning, feminine hygiene, first aid, foot care, hair care (medicated only), hand/body lotions (select), hand sanitizer, healthcare appliances, hearing aid batteries, home healthcare solutions, humidifiers, incontinence, ointments, pain relief, reader glasses, sanitary, sleep aids, smoking cessation, sun care, vaporizers and vitamins & supplements. Excludes photo orders, prescriptions, tobacco, dairy, alcohol, liquor departments, phone/prepaid/gift cards, money orders/transfers, transportation passes, lottery tickets, charitable donations, pseudoephedrine or ephedrine products, newspapers, magazines, stamps, home medical equipment and durable medical equipment products, pharmacy items and services, Prescriptions Savings Club membership fee, and items or services submitted to insurance for reimbursement or where otherwise limited by law.
  4. Available to members of applicable health plans who register for an account with Peloton. Credit to All-Access Membership limited to 1 per family. Must be 18+ years of age and covered under applicable UnitedHealthcare health plan. Subject to state legal and regulatory availability. Peloton equipment not required. UnitedHealthcare members that own a Peloton Bike or Tread can receive equivalent value ($155) to be credited to an All-Access Membership. Peloton offers its services directly to consumers pursuant to an agreement between Peloton and the consumer. The information provided under this program is for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be nor should be construed as medical advice. You should consult with an appropriate health care professional before beginning any exercise program and/or to determine what may be right for you.


The Company does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex in its health programs or activities. To learn more, read the entire Non-Discrimination Notice.

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